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Next Generation of Microfiber?
THE current microfiber is made of a mix of polyester and polyamide. After split, the smallest micro fiber reaches a thickness of 0.2315D which make itself very good at picking and absorbent. But, the weakness of this fiber is just obvious, it is very sticky and non-ventilative, and a mix of polyester and polyamide made itself difficult to be recycled. As a leader microfiber producer in China, we never stopped developing new products and always looking into the future, we strongly believe that the next generation microfiber is to be made of anomalous fibers. Acutally, a lot of researches and testings were conducted by us in the past few years, the more we look at other choices, the more we find that the replacement fiber is coming, which will be more environmental friendly, more effective for cleaning and drying, more easy to be produced and recycled and yes, more economically.

Next Generation of Cleaning?
YES, Green. But what green is really green? Are we going to clean less or more in the future? These are all big questions. We seriously look forward to sharing our thoughts with you, please contact us for more detail about the future perspective of cleaning...

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