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We focus on your need, not only the product.

HKC SAELS LIMITED was incorporated in Hong Kong by two factories located in China including Hebei Yihua Textile Co., Ltd. (Injected products including car wash brushes, snow brushes, floor mops, and cleaning sponges and mitts) and Taicang Rongwen Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. (Microfiber spin, dye, weave, microfiber cloth).  We specialize in manufacturing and supplying high quality cleaning products for retail market in the category of auto care, home care and commercial care. Most of the products we sell are designed and manufactured by ourselves in China, a small part of the products are purchased from our certified suppliers/makers. Our factories are Wal-Mart, Home Depot approved, also certified by Sears (Kmart), QVC, Dollar General and more. As a new record, our company shipped 912 containers worldwide in year 2013.

We understand business today and the needs to operate within this highly competitive environment; you need to take advantages of untapped resources. We know that growing your business involves risk. However, controlling that risk and making responsible decisions are keys to success. We realize that not all businesses are multinationals but that shouldn't mean you can't buy better, package better, be better.

We work for you.

Our team operates virtually non-stop to ensure our partners receive value, quality and consistency. From simple components to complete retail ready finished goods, we have all the elements necessary to give you winning results. However, you need to be very clear of what you really need. This is just critical to help us to work for you effectively.

The reason we survive to today is that simple, we learn to understand what our customer would need, and then we do our best to supply the need in a timely manner. By providing valuable products, innovative designs and efficient service, we had been assisting many of overseas customers achieving rapid growth in the last few years. You certainly get a chance to beat your competitors when we are given a chance to serve you.

Stop Shopping Around, Give US A Try!

Sincerely yours,


Jian He

President of Sales



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